Werewolf Sighted in Nigeria? Video of Artwork for Film Goes Viral With Fake Claim, Know the Truth Here


New Delhi, June 23: Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are flooded with posts that claim a werewolf was found and killed in Nigeria. Popular in folklore, werewolf is considered to be a human who can shapeshift into a wolf. The posts about purported sighting of a werewolf contain a graphic video appearing to show a bloodied werewolf lying dead. While the video is going viral, the fact is the claim about werewolf is fake. Thousands Of Mosquitoes Inoculated With Viagra Escaped From Wuhan’s Laboratory? Social Media Users Are Believing Article of Satirical ‘Fake News’ Website ‘World News Daily Report’.

The viral video shows a closeup of what appears to be a werewolf. The creature with its face and teeth bloodied appears to be dead. “Werewolf in Nigeria, So terrifying,” a netizen wrote on Facebook sharing the video. Several internet users shared the clip with the same claim. However, the fact is werewolf seen in the viral clip is a work of art by artist Joseph Rob Cobasky for an upcoming film. Bizarre Alien Monster Spotted in Brazil’s Bahia is Fake! Here’s Fact Check To Know Truth About The Creepy Viral Video.

One can visit Instagram account of Cobasky and find the viral clip. Speaking to fact-checking website BOOM Live, Cobasky also confirmed the same. “This is my work. An unknown person stole my video off my Instagram account and turned it into something that can scare people. I have nothing to do with the fake video going viral. I was simply posting my work which I did for a movie,” he was quoted as saying.

Another thing that confirms that the claim of sighting of werwolf in Nigeria is fake that there is a tweet from June 18, 2021, by Tremulous Motion Pictures, a Los Angles-based television and film production company, that had clarified that the creation is for a yet to be released film.

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