Steve Bannon Tells Kari Lake She Deserves Respect Because ‘You’re The Frickin’ Governor’


“You shouldn’t have to reach out to Ronna McDaniel,” Bannon said on his “War Room” podcast Friday, referring to the newly reelected RNC chair. “You’re the frickin’ governor of Arizona. You just won an incredibly tough race because you stood for policies that MAGA stands for,” Bannon continued.Lake said she was willing to meet with McDaniel before switching gears to the former president.“If we do not get Donald Trump back in the White House, I don’t know how much longer we can last. I think our republic is in peril,” she said.“To me, there’s no tomorrow unless we get this thing turned around in Arizona,” Bannon said.“My Plan A is to win our election,” Lake said. “We have all of the evidence right here in front of us.”A judge threw out Lake’s challenge of the results due to a lack of evidence for her claims that there was widespread misconduct in the November election. Meanwhile, the former president, who has officially declared his candidacy for 2024, actually pumped the brakes a bit on his stolen-election blather at a campaign stop in South Carolina on Saturday, CNN reported. But he did vow to “restore election integrity.”

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