‘SNL’ Spoofs Ferry Purchase By Pete Davidson And Colin Jost


After his typical series of groan-worthy innuendos about his “boat” on “Weekend Update,” Moffat introduced Davidson — in watch cap and slicker — as the “Guy Who Just Bought a Ferry.”“We’re boat people now, Colin,” smiled Davidson. “I mean, you always were. You look like you own the yacht they rent out for rap videos.”Jost deadpanned: “It’s very exciting. We thought the whole thing through.”Davidson noted that “even the mayor tweeted about it,” adding: “Which is how I found out we have a new mayor. What happened to Bloomberg?”The two teamed up with comedy club owner Paul Italia and paid $280,000 for the decommissioned ferry the John F. Kennedy. They’re making plans to turn it into a club, The Associated Press reported.Transforming the 277-foot, 2,109-ton vessel could cost millions and won’t begin anytime soon, Italia told AP. “It’s really early stages here,” he said. Check out the sketch in the video up top.

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