September 24 Doomsday Theory Goes Viral on TikTok After German Politician’s Ominous Statement, Know About Solar Flare ‘Expected’ To Destroy Earth


Delhi, September 23: Yet another doomsday conspiracy theory has started making rounds on social media. According to the people of TikTok, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, there will be a wide variety of different calamities on Saturday, 24 September.

Wild theories about the Doomsday started making rounds after Friedrich Metz, a member of the German Parliament gave a speech, which was posted on Twitter. Metz said everyone will remember where they were on September 24 but he misspoke and actually meant to say February 24 when the Russia invasion of Ukraine began. Asteroid Day 2022: Five Times When Asteroids ALMOST Hit the Earth Bringing ‘Doomsday’

Check Viral Video:

Soon after, Merz’ “September 24” comment was clipped and spread around German Telegram channels. Soon the clip gained traction and spread like wild fire. Many on social media started predicting a solar flare or a solar storm, which will be the ultimate cause of the end of humanity. Elon Musk Hints at Coming ‘Doomsday on Earth’ With ‘Oh God, the Economy’ Comment? Latest Tweet by SpaceX CEO Sparks Meme-Fest and Reactions

People on TikTok started saying that a huge solar flare will hit Earth on September 24 2022.

What is a Solar Flare:

NASA says solar flare is a localised eruption of electromagnetic radiation in the Sun’s atmosphere. Flares occur in active regions and are often, but not always, accompanied by coronal mass ejections, solar particle events, and other solar phenomena. Solar flares are bright areas on the sun’s surface, but can also be felt on Earth, often causing radio and magnetic disturbances, according to NASA. Though they cannot actually harm humans as no harmful radiation from a solar flare can directly reach the Earth.

So the online claims about a doomsday on Sept. 24 does not have any factual evidence to back it up and just another silly internet conspiracy. Most of the people part of this social media frenzy are just doing it because it’s the latest viral meme.

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