Italy Premier Mario Draghi Says ‘Dominant Theme of G7 Summit Was How To Respond to China and Other Autocratic Governments’


Newquay, June 13: Italian Premier Mario Draghi says the dominant theme of the Group of Seven summit was how to respond to China and other autocratic governments. Draghi said Sunday that China has the right to a great economy but that practices like coercive detention and using forced labour were out of step with the vision of the world’s democracies.

He said the position taken wasn’t particularly tough, but was rather realistic, in view of the necessity to cooperate on climate change, rebuilding the world after the coronavirus pandemic and other issues. G7 Leaders Condemn Myanmar’s Military Coup, Call for Immediate Released of Detained Civilians.

He also said his Cabinet would be reviewing the controversial 2019 trade and infrastructure deal Italy’s previous government signed with Beijing. Over U.S. and other objections, Italy in 2019 became the first G7 country to sign onto China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, Beijing’s global investment project that envisions overland and maritime routes connecting China with Europe.

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