Israel Defence Minister Benny Gantz Orders Military To Continue Operation in Gaza


Tel Aviv, August 6: Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz, after assessing the situation around the Gaza Strip with the participation of the heads of law enforcement agencies, ordered the military department to continue the operation dubbed Breaking Dawn against Islamic Jihad, the Israeli Defence Ministry said on Saturday.

“Minister Gantz instructed the military department to continue the operation against Islamic Jihad, focusing on actions to prevent rocket attacks from Gaza to Israel,” the ministry said in a statement. Israel Strikes on Gaza Kill 4, Injured 15 Militant Commander Taiseer al-Jabari Among Dead.

According to the ministry, Gantz also instructed the departments to focus on supporting residents of Israeli border areas that suffered from Palestinian shelling from the Gaza Strip.

The statement added that Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defence Forces Aviv Kochavi, representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the head of the intelligence department of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), and other high-ranking security officials took part in assessing the situation.

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