Billboard Declares Kanye West Year’s Top Gospel Artist Just As He’s Praising Hitler


A popular music trade magazine was caught up in some bad timing of biblical proportions.“Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler,” Ye told Jones on Thursday, while noting that “Hitler was born Christian.”Billboard has since deleted the tweet, but it’s been preserved in screenshots for posterity.The tweet was likely written and scheduled to go live to Twitter before Ye’s jaw-dropping appearance on Jones’ broadcast. The rapper has been on a troubling trajectory for some time, making antisemitic remarks and recently spending time with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.As of Thursday afternoon, none of this was mentioned in the article that Billboard linked to on Twitter, although a different Billboard article offers a detailed rundown of Ye’s recent behavior. HuffPost reached out to the publication for comment, but no one immediately responded.Meanwhile, the awkward timing of Billboard’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed.

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