Biden-Putin Summit 2021: Russia and United States Will Hold Talks on Cybersecurity, Says Russian President Vladimir Putin


Geneva, June 16: Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he and US President Joe Biden have agreed that their two nations will start consultations on cybersecurity.

After a meeting with Biden in Geneva, Putin said, ‘We believe that cybersecurity is important for the world in general, for the US in particular, and for Russia as well.’ Microsoft Launches First-Ever Asia Pacific Public Sector Cyber Security Executive Council.

The Russian president said that the two countries ‘just need to abandon various insinuations, sit down at the expert level and start working in the interests of the U.S. and Russia.’ Putin charged that ‘most of the cyberattacks in the world are carried out from the cyber realm of the United States,’ with Canada and Britain coming second and third. India Among Top 3 Asian Countries Affected by DNS Cyber Attacks in 2021.

However, the most damaging cyberattacks on record have been attributed by the United States and the European Union to Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency, including the NotPetya virus that did more than $10 billion in economic damage in 2017, hitting companies including shipping giant Maersk, the pharmaceutical company Merck and food company Mondolez. Remote Work Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Leading to Increase In Hacking And Cyber Crime: Report.

While the US, Canada and Britain all engage in cyberespionage, the most damaging cyberattacks on record have come either from state-backed Russian hackers or Russian-speaking ransomware criminals who operate with impunity in Russia and allied nations.

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