Bahamian Artist Zamar Yauw Lands Development Deal With Media Maven Chadd Black & The 713 Agency


His unaverred passion for music, combined with his commitment and dedication, has brought him to the industry’s forefront.

No matter how much ever we speak about different people achieving amazing success in their respective industries and fields across the world, it still feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know about their resilience, struggles, journey and bold choices they made to reach, where they are today. The music space is an ever-evolving and growing industry, and over the years, it has produced one of the best talents.

However, a few individuals have gone ahead in creating their unique niche even amidst much competition, and this has led them to the industry’s forefront. One name that has been making all the noise with his tracks is a growing R&B artist named Zamar Yauw, who has astounded listeners and music lovers with his incredible songs, displaying his madness and pure passion for music and immersing himself in the art as a true blue professional.

He is a Bahamian-born artist, who at the age of 10, moved to Houston, Texas, the US. From the very beginning, Zamar Yauw confesses that if anything that attracted him the most, it was all things music, and for this, he credits his father from whom he gained his musical ear and as a child knew what he wished to do for a lifetime. “I found my peace in music. As a child, when I saw other artists perform or listen to their tracks, I somewhere knew what I wanted to pursue in life. Hence, my quest to reach the top of the music game in America began at a very early age and I am grateful for that,” says the young and dynamic musical talent.

Just like his name Zamar Yauw, he stands unique with his music as well and that’s how he has gained a loyal base of fans and followers, who excitingly wait for his newest tracks to drop. Highlighting the meaning behind his name, he says Zamar in Hebrew means “to make music”, and Y.A.U.W is an acronym for “You Are Ultimately Worthy”, and combining both Zamar Yauw means “To make Music You are Ultimately Worthy”. What also has made him unique in the industry is his vow to never curse or degrade women in his music.

Even amidst these trying times, last year, Zamar Yauw went ahead in releasing his freshman EP titled “Lover’s Blvd”, which included singles like “Social Freaks”, produced by Hanky, and now his latest release named “Good One”.

He has already performed at prominent venues; some of them include, The Houston Improv, San Luis Resort, The George R. Brown Convention Center, House of Blues, Warehouse Live, and also in Puerto Rico for “Taurus Takeover” at the Sheraton Hotel.

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