Video shows man without mask having a seizure in Brisbane Botanical Gardens after arrest

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A video of a man being arrested in Brisbane for not wearing a mask has gone viral after he appeared to have a seizure. WARNING: Graphic

A video of a man being arrested in Brisbane for not wearing a mask has gone viral after he appeared to have a seizure while handcuffed.

However, a Queensland Police Service spokesman has said that “no medical issue” had yet been identified.

In the recording, shared by the man’s son on Instagram, two police officers are seen handcuffing the man who then says to a woman behind the camera “now you’ve got me arrested”.

One of the police officers says to him, “all you needed to do was answer the question reasonably”.

The man can be heard telling police that the handcuffs are hurting him, to which the officer replies “I’m not confident that you’re going to comply with our directions”.

The woman can be heard saying “absolutely disgraceful” as the officers start to lead the man out of the gardens.

Then, the video cuts to the man lying face down on the ground yelling and having what appears to be a seizure.

The police appear to be searching through his backpack for medication.

“Just let me get it, for God’s sake,” the woman says. “See do you believe me now you p***ks?”

One of the police officers finds the man’s medication and asks him if he is able to administer it himself before the woman says she will do it.

The video then ends.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the man was arrested for “failing to comply with directions under the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld).”

The spokesman said there was nothing medically wrong with the man.

“During the arrest the male person collapsed. The Queensland Ambulance Service was requested, attended, and did not identify a medical issue however transported the male as a precaution,” he said. “As police had discontinued the arrest at that time investigations are continuing into possible offences committed on that day.”

In an Instagram post, the man’s son said his father and his partner were exercising in Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens about 9.30am on Monday when he was stopped by four police officers and asked why he was there and why he was not wearing a mask.

“My father answered all these questions. He was here for exercise. He doesn’t need to wear a mask as he was exercising and he is exempt from wearing a mask,” he wrote.

“He suffers from heart problems, struggles to breathe. He carries medication with him at all times.

“He did not do anything illegal. He did not retaliate in a violent manner. He was conducting himself in a peaceful manner. Not looking for trouble.”

“I haven’t cried for many years and I balled my eyes out seeing him suffering and that I couldn’t do anything or be there for him and feeling as a son to protect his father,” he said.

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