Unvaccinated Victorian teachers to return to schools next week

Unvaccinated Victorian teachers will be free to return to the classroom from Monday after the COVID-19 triple-vaccine mandate for school staff expires tomorrow night.

Teachers will be allowed to return to all mainstream schools, but the mandate remains in force in specialist, and non-government, schools.

Parents will not be informed of teachers’ vaccination status and no one at the school will have access to that information.

Teachers will be allowed to return to all mainstream schools, but the mandate remains in force in specialist schools. (Getty)
“Parents do not have the right to ask for this information and no one at the school should have this information,” an information sheet for principals seen by The Age states.

“Principals do not hold information about the vaccination status of staff or students.”

It comes after 351 education staff were fired in April for not getting the jab and a further 280 staff were stood down for failing to get a third jab.

The latter can now return to their roles, while those who were let go can search for a new job.

In Victoria, 68.1 per cent of people 16 and over have received three COVID-19 vaccine doses, while 94.6 per cent of residents 12 and over are double-vaccinated. (AP) (AP)

At the time, The Department of Education and Training said 99.2 per cent of staff had had three doses.

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Changes to isolation rules, face mask requirements and the state’s vaccine mandates will come into effect from 11.59pm on Friday, June 24.

The essential worker vaccine mandate will be eased for a number of industries – with the exception of healthcare workers who work with the vulnerable.

“To continue to protect the most vulnerable through winter, workers who interact with a vulnerable person will still require three COVID-19 vaccine doses,” a statement from the Victorian Government said.

“This includes residential aged care and disability care, healthcare, and custodial and emergency services, including police.”

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