Two new cases recorded as border pass changes

Queensland has recorded two new cases of coronavirus as Deputy Premier Steven Miles revealed the state was extending its border pass system to include border communities.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced the two new cases this morning, both of whom are linked to the woman who arrived from Portugal.

It brings the total number of cases associated with the cluster to seven.

Steven Miles has announced a change to the state’s border pass declarations. (Nine)

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said she understands one is the partner of the manager of the Ellen Grove restaurant in Brisbane’s south-west where the woman dined.

The second case is believed to be someone who spent the day travelling with the woman from Portugal. 

Dr Young said she is waiting to clarify the exact details of both cases.

Both have been in quarantine during their infectious period.

“Our contact tracers are really good at this now,” Dr Young said.

“They immediately, last Sunday, got hold of all these people and asked them all to go into quarantine in their homes or into a hotel.

“So, they’re not a risk … I’m not concerned about that,” Dr Young said. 

Portuguese Family Centre Brisbane, Queensland
The Portuguese FamilyCentre in Brisbane. (Portuguese Family Centre Brisbane)

However, she urged Queenslanders to remain vigilant about the ongoing outbreak in New South Wales.

“We are continuing to see cases in NSW … we could have any case in Queensland any day,” she said.

“So please … any symptoms at all, immediately come forward and get tested and isolate till you get a negative result.”

There are currently 41 active cases in the state.

The 62-year-old manager of the Portuguese Family Centre was among the three and was hospitalised with aches and pains.

Mr Miles has also announced a stricter border pass system which will require residents in northern New South Wales who were previously exempt from a declaration to apply.

“Because of the school holidays and the New South Wales outbreak, the Sydney outbreak, we’ll be requiring those border declaration passes for everyone who crosses the border for the period of the New South Wales outbreak,” Mr Miles said.

“These passes last for 14 days. So, for people who come and go across the border regularly, they will only need to apply for a pass every 14 days. “

The border restrictions will come into effect at 1am on Monday.

Purpose built quarantine facility

Mr Miles has also urged the Prime Minister to reconsider his state’s proposal for a purpose-built quarantine facility after it was rejected.

“We could go ahead now, we could build this now, but instead the Prime Minister wants us to start from scratch with this other proposal (in Victoria),” he said.

Mr Miles expressed his disappointment at the delayed response from the Federal Government, saying the proposal for the Wellcamp facility had been “on the table” for five months.

“This proposal could have been built already, second of all, it could have been built faster,” he said.

Despite the set-back, Mr Miles said the Queensland government “welcomed” the decision from the Federal government in approving purpose-built facilities and said they would be “happy” to work on Mr Morrison’s alternative proposal. 

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