Thousands without power as WA’s south hit with flash flooding


Thousands of residents in Western Australia’s Great Southern region are still without power after a deluge of rain led to flash flooding in the area.

Albany and Denmark were hit with as much as 100mm of rain yesterday evening, leading to localised flooding that brought down trees and washed away cars.

Local SES volunteers received almost 200 requests for assistance since 6:30pm.

Fallen trees brought down powerlines, leaving more than 15,000 without power. (DFES)

Albany airport received 54mm of rain while tourist hotspot Rottnest Island received wind gusts of up to 106 km/h.

More than 15,000 homes are still without power after storms brought power lines and towns were deluged by more than a month’s worth of rain in one night.

“While the severe weather warning may have been cancelled, there are many fallen trees, damaged buildings and debris in the area, and South Coast Highway is closed between Link Road Denmark-Mt Barker Road,” the Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA warned residents.

Trees previously covered in asphalt were ripped out of carparks. (DFES)
Huge trees were cracked in two by wind gusts over 100 km/h. (DFES)

“Currently there are 15,500 properties without power and water outages in Little Grove and Robinson in Albany.

“Bottled water is available for affected properties from the bus stop and the Little Grove Store on Frenchman Bay Road.”

Authorities have advised that after a storm SES volunteers make temporary repairs to homes that have been badly damaged, such as roofs that have been ripped off or large fallen trees on homes or cars.

This car had been swept into a ditch and written off by floodwaters. (DFES)

If it is safe to do so, residents are urged to do what they can to help before calling the SES for assistance.

If your home has been badly damaged by a storm, call the SES on 132 500. In a life threatening situation call 000.

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