Police guard WA Premiers home after major security breach WA news

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Mr McGowan was rushed home from a wedding yesterday, with the exact details of the security scare not being made public.

“Talking about these things is something I’m not going to do,” Mr McGowan said at a press conference today.

WA Premier Mark McGowan.
WA Premier Mark McGowan. (Getty)

The WA leader has been the target of anti-vaccination hate messages around Perth as protesters have taken to the streets.

The breach is the latest in a string of threats made against the premier since last week.

Police say they seized four firearms from the man’s home.

Mr McGowan’s personal details, including his home address and personal mobile number, have also been leaked online.

“Do the right thing by each other. Not target anyone in particular. If you want to protest do it democratically and sensibly,” he said.

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