Nature photos and videos: Wild animals facing off against each other


A while ago we published a gallery claiming that Australia is the most terrifying place on earth.

And there’s  no doubt about it, pictures of crocodiles eating sharks will certainly make your toes curl.

But an Instagram account has given us a timely reminder that there are savage beasts all over the world. 

Natures Gnarly (sic), and its various spin-offs, are a wonderland of jaw-dropping nature pics and videos that will have you seriously rethinking that African safari, (or camping trip to Canada … or foray into the Amazon).

Be warned though – it’s not for the faint-hearted. There are some pretty gruesome images on there. 

These are some of the more awe-inspiring posts: 

There’s a bear in there …

Have you always dreamed of visiting Yellowstone National Park? It does look rather picturesque … until a bear charges at you. 

This ranger was trying to direct traffic when this big fella took a run at him:

Who knew a cheetah could jump that high …

If you’ve ever wondered what a cheetah looks like when it gets a fright from a lurking crocodile, it goes a little something like this:

Want to visit India? A leopard could chase you down the street

This is seriously heart-stopping stuff:

Ever seen two komodo dragons fight? It’s … intense

Honestly it’s ten times better than WWF.

Next time you’re sad about not being able to go to Bali, remember that Indonesia is where these mad buggers live:

Looking forward to returning to Bangkok as soon as it opens?

Have fun … just look out for the water dragons in 7-Eleven.

You think you know how this face-off will end in the Serengeti … 

But there’s a plot twist.

If you feel like heading to the forests of West Africa … 

Just remember that’s where the western bush viper lives, with its seriously terrifying retractable fangs.

Life was better before we knew the wolf eel existed

It’s enough to put us off ever going to the beach again.

Fancy going to Florida?

The climate is good, but there are alligators that will try and steal your puppy. 

(This bloke leapt into the water to rescue his Cavalier King Charles spaniel … the dog made a full recovery).

South America might be nice for our next trip!

Indeed, but you can find giant elephant seals belting down the road in some coastal towns in Chile. 

Also in India, they have cobras …

But on the upside, they also have mongeese which are known for their ability to fight and kill venomous snakes, especially cobras. Their specialised acetylcholine receptors render them immune to venom, while their thick coats and quick speed also come in handy during conflicts.

This is why we won’t be going on any kayaking trips soon

Huge tiger shark, incoming:

Actually India can be straight up terrifying

Check out this tiger chasing two men on a motorcycle:

What to do if a bison charges you

A woman is charged by a bison, and trips when she is trying to run away. People nearby tell her to play dead.

If you want to crank your anxiety up to 11, watch this:

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