Child chooses his own pronouns after being raised in ‘a genderless world’


Sky News host Paul Murray says Dr Kyl Myers has written a book about how her child was “brought up in a genderless world for the first three years of his life”.

The book by Dr Myers is entitled, ‘Raising Them: Our Adventure in Gender Creative Parenting’.

“‘Raising Them’ is a memoir about my decision to not assign a gender to my child, Zoomer, when they were born, and how we navigated the first three years of their life,” Dr Myers said.

Mr Murray said Zoomer has declared that he wants to be known by the pronouns of he/him.

“But that of course was not mentioned until now, after the book came out, after the book was written and after all of the promotion,” Mr Murray said.

“Congratulations Zoomer, who (has) started genderless … now he/him,” Mr Murray said.

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