AstraZeneca’s Antibody Treatment Fails to Protect Against COVID-19


Moscow, June 15: AstraZeneca announced on Tuesday that the clinical trial of its long-acting antibody cocktail has not provided evidence of effectiveness in protecting people exposed to the coronavirus.

The trial involved 1,121 adult participants who had been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 within eight days. The placebo group had 17 cases, while a group where participants were administered with AZD7442 – a combination of two different monoclonal antibodies – had 23. The company noted that the antibody cocktail lowered the risk of developing a symptomatic infection by 33%, which is not a statistically significant result.

“The trial did not meet the primary endpoint of post-exposure prevention of symptomatic COVID-19 with AZD7442 compared to placebo,” AstraZeneca said in a statement. Pfizer, AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccines Highly Effective Against Delta Variant.

The company promised to publish the results from the trial in a peer-reviewed medical journal. AZD7442 is produced from two long-acting monoclonal antibodies acquired from plasma of convalescent COVID-19 patients.

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