xQc rates Pokimane, Ludwig and Jinytty among the most attractive streamers

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During a recent live stream, Felix “xQc” Lengyel used an AI to rate content creators according to their looks and was visibly surprised with the results.

In recent weeks, other streamers such as Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris and Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo have also used the said AI to rate streamers according to their looks. However, xQc had a range of problems with the overall ranking, questioning the position of multiple streamers, including his own.

The AI that xQc used ended up rating the likes of Ludwig Ahgren, Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Yoomjji “Jinnytty as the most attractive streamers around. xQc ended up claiming that the AI was, in truth, random and had not ranked streamers according to how they looked.

xQc uses AI to rank streamers according to their looks, is not impressed by the results

xQc had multiple problems with the overall ranking that the AI gave to the creators. For example, Nikocado Avocado, who was featured among the list of the least-attractive streamers, was said to be “lustrous” by xQc, who claimed that he should have featured higher on the ranking.

xQc had similar opinions for the likes of YouTuber KSI and Trix, claiming that they are handsome and should feature higher on the list. On the other hand, xQc also thought that some of the creators were ranking higher than they deserved, including aimbotcalvin and Adin Ross. xQc also believed that the British gamer “Zoil” did not deserve to be given a score of 52. xQc claimed that Zoil deserved to be rated three points less simply because he was British.

Moving on, xQc also had similar opinions for the rankings of Adin Ross, Jesse “MoonMoon” and Mizkif. He simply mockingly laughed at Mizkif but did not say anything about the streamer’s overall score. However, he was thoroughly dejected when he saw CallMeCarson rated higher than himself. xQc himself received a score of 60.25 on the AI, something that he thought was due to the specific photo that had been submitted from his Luminosity Gaming days:

“Dude this is f***ing lame. No s**t I am going to be low-rated if they use this picture. What the f**k is that? Who submitted this picture dude? Guys, why is it that any place I am represented, be it a website or an article, why am I using this f***ing picture? I have so many good ones. It’s always this one. Jesus Christ.”

Finally, German Twitch star Nanilul was selected as the most attractive content creator by the AI, followed by Pokimane closely at 2nd. Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren took third place. Overall, xQc was not happy with the rankings and concluded that the AI had put out a random list of streamers.

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