Vince Russo claims Vince McMahon “worked” USA Network


Former WWE head writer Vince Russo opined that Vince McMahon “worked” the USA Network.

It’s no secret Vince Russo isn’t a fan of WWE creative these days. He was an integral part of the team that helped create the Attitude Era, which took WWE to the next level. Compared to those days, he thinks the company has seen a downfall in creating engaging storylines.

In a recent interview with Wrestle Buddy, Russo said McMahon “worked” the USA Network, but the latter isn’t in a position to call off the deal due to the popularity of WWE.

He added that Bonnie Hammer, the President of USA Network at the time, had a different way of dealing with things:

“Pro-wrestlers, including Vince McMahon, they’re the best workers in the world. Vince has worked the network because it was much different when I was there. When I was there, Bonnie Hammer was the President of USA Network. Bonnie Hammer brought great ideas and insight to the table. She knew television. I listened a lot to Bonnie and I learned a lot from Bonnie.”

Russo slams Vince McMahon’s right-hand man Bruce Prichard

On the same podcast episode, Vince Russo slammed Bruce Prichard, the Executive Director of SmackDown and RAW.

Russo accused Prichard of making excuses to the network’s “intimidated executives” for the promotion not getting storylines right:

“Bonnie is no longer there in the role, you have got executives who are easily intimidated. You have got Bruce Prichard, who is incharge of creative, working them and giving excuses why this did not work and why that did not work and how this is going to be the next big thing.”

Vince Russo worked with WWE from 1992-1999. Apart from that, he has also worked with WCW and TNA.

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