Top 5 players with the most HRs in MLB postseason


Every MLB player is expected to perform at the highest level. Players who can perform at the highest level consistently and can come through in clutch situations will most likely become all-time greats in the sport. The MLB postseason is the absolute highest level of baseball that can possibly be played, and players must succeed in order for their team to win the World Series.

Offense is key in the postseason, and home runs are vital to a team’s success. Today, we are going to look into the five (actually six) Major League Baseball players with the most postseason home runs in MLB history.

Players with the most MLB postseason home runs

#5 Albert Pujols and George Springer (T-19 HR)

Albert Pujols v Los Angeles Dodgers

Three All-Star appearances, two Silver Sluggers and the 2017 World Series MVP Award!Looking back on George Springer’s @astros career ahead of his 1st game in Houston as a member of the @BlueJays.

“Three All-Star appearances, two Silver Sluggers and the 2017 World Series MVP Award!” – @ MLB Network

Springer established himself as a playoff legend in the state of Texas, helping the Astros win the 2017 World Series where he won World Series MVP.

#4 Derek Jeter (20 HR)

Derek Jeter v the Baltimore OriolesBernie Williams v Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimJose Altuve v the Detroit Tigers

Players who hit a walkoff HR to end any postseason series after their team had blown the lead in the same inning:Jose Altuve Game 6, 2019 ALCS vs. #YankeesBill Mazeroski Game 7, 1960 WS vs. Yankees That’s all, folks.

#1 Manny Ramirez (24 HR)

Manny Ramirez posing with the 2004 world series trophy. Edited by Jodi Whisenhunt

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