RHONJ couple’s relationship timeline explored


The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) star Teresa Giudice is all set to walk down the aisle on August 6, 2022. She will marry her longtime beau Luis Ruelas at the Park Chateau Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Teresa’s bridesmaids are her daughters Gabriella, Gia, Audriana, and Milania. She had them with her first husband, Joe Giudice, with whom she was married for 20 years. Teresa introduced Luis to her fans soon after she divorced Joe.

Speaking about her relationships, Teresa told People in an interview:

“Me and my ex, we didn’t like the same things. We were two opposites. You know when they say opposites attract? It did for a little while, for like 15 years. But now I’ve found my true match — my soulmate. He’s really amazing.”

Meanwhile, she is all set to marry Luis, whom she met in 2020. Read on to learn more about the soon-to-be-married couple.

Relationship timeline of Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas

Teresa Giudice has never hidden her personal life, which remained the same when she started filming RHONJ. The Bravo series showed her entire life, from being happy with her first husband to filing for divorce in 2019. The show also portrayed her falling in love again.

When they first met

Her love story with Luis began in the summer of 2020 when they met on the Jersey shore and were on their separate vacations. The two kept their romance under wraps until November when Teresa Giudice shared a now-deleted Facebook post stating:

“Excited to reveal my new boyfriend.”

In December 2020, the reality TV star and the businessman went on a date in New York City. It was their first public appearance together.

Instagram official

Teresa made her relationship with Luis’ Instagram official’ on December 22, 2020. She welcomed her beau on the social networking site with a picture of them. The caption read:

“The BEST thing that came out of 2020.”

Several Real Housewives stars congratulated Teresa and sent love and happiness to the couple. Since then, Teresa’s Instagram feed has included Luis in almost all the photos. From Christmas to beach vacations, the couple celebrated everything together. She even called Luis her “soulmate” in an interview in February 2021.

Ex-husband meets boyfriend

In March 2021, Luis met Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe, while on a family vacation in Nassau, Bahamas. The trio was accompanied by Joe’s partner and his and Teresa’s daughters — Gia, Audriana, Gabriella, and Milania.

At the time, Joe shared a post from the vacation, which read:

“I truly appreciate & hope i will continue to be present in my best friend life. A great person, mom, and confident individual.”

Luis’ first appearance on RHONJ

In May 2021, Luis made his debut on RHONJ as Teresa Giudice’s boyfriend in the Season 11 finale. The two were seen on a date where they talked about their future. Luis confessed that she was dating someone after ten years.

In a confessional, Teresa said:

“Getting back out in the dating world is really hard for me. I was married for almost 20 years. So when I first met Louie, I was nervous. It was like, very slow, baby steps. Our third date he gave me a kiss goodbye and that’s when I was like, ‘Mmm that was nice.’ I got butterflies.”

Teresa and Luis get engaged

After many dates and vacations, the couple finally got engaged on October 19, 2021. The exquisite event took place at the Amanzoe Resort in Porto Heli.

In Season 12 of RHONJ, the couple revealed that Luis asked Teresa Giudice’s brother, Joe Gorge’s, permission before proposing to her. Joe and her wife Melissa are also part of the Bravo show.

No prenup involved

In January 2022, Teresa stated in an interview that she was a bit overwhelmed with all the wedding preparations. They originally wanted to marry in Italy, but things changed post-COVID.

The following month, she spoke about the possibility of a prenup between her and Luis. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show, she said:

“I mean, I would [sign a prenup], you know, if he said so. I’m so very easy about that. He definitely has more than me. I would never take anything from him, I’m so not like that.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2022, Teresa Giudice’s net worth is $500,000, and Luis’ is reportedly around $2 million.

Controversy around Luis

In March 2022, Season 12 of RHONJ featured housewives discussing Luis’ rumored assault charges. In one of the episodes, Traci Johnson’s husband, Tiki Barber, directly asked whether Luis assaulted his ex.

Luis replied:

“There’s no physical violence. There’s no truth to that. There’s a couple of very angry exes [who are] very thirsty for attention, so no.”

He explained the same during the reunion episode of the show as well. Throughout the season, Teresa Giudice was seen supporting him.

The D-Day

In May, Teresa and Luis celebrated her 50th birthday in Mexico. The reality TV star mentioned in an interview that she was unsure whether she would televise her wedding. According to recent reports, the wedding on August 6 will be televised and will be part of RHONJ Season 13.

The guest list will include several Real Housewives stars, but the ceremony may not see Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa in attendance. Reportedly, they didn’t attend her bachelorette party either.

The feud between them has been going on since the finale of Season 12, where Teresa Giudice made some snarky and hurtful remarks towards the Gorgas.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Luis are all set to get married on Saturday, August 6, 2022, in New Jersey.

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