Randy Orton’s wife claims that he wiped the snot off a respected WWE legend during their match


Randy Orton’s wife Kim Orton recently shared a hilarious-yet-disgusting story about a moment that Orton shared with a WWE legend.

The legend in question is none other than Orton’s former ally and long-time rival Triple H. The two shared a long history together as a part of Evolution and their careers would intertwine on several occasions.

In this particular instance, Kim Orton revealed on the Wives of Wrestling podcast that her husband Randy Orton told her of the time when he had to wipe snot off Triple H’s face:

“He [Randy Orton] told me he was fighting Triple H, and H had a giant snot on his face so Randy was the only f***ing boy (because I would have never done this) who wiped it off H and he rubbed it (signaling to the leg) just to get rid of it. I’m like ‘you are a true friend because I don’t know if I would have done that’.” (8:42-9:10)

You can watch the full episode below:


Randy Orton is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time, and one of the biggest icons in WWE in the past two decades. It has been a little over 20 years since his debut, and he has faced and defeated the greatest legends.

Randy Orton and Triple H would continue to cross paths over the years

Orton and Triple H would continue to oppose each other in numerous instances over the years. While that undoubtedly slowed down in 2010s, one of the key matches they had against each other was in the main event of WrestleMania 25.

It’s also interesting to note that Triple H’s last two televised matches were against Orton. The last “official” televised match happened in 2019 when Orton defeated The Game in Saudi Arabia. They would have a Street Fight on RAW in 2021 that ended in a no contest.

Although Triple H would have liked to have had another match, he admitted in 2022 that he was done with his in-ring career due to the heart issues that he faced last year.

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