NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, rank, K/D ratio, and YouTube income in June 2022


Nayan Shelke, who the Indian Free Fire community recognizes as NayanAsin, is one of the most well-known content creators in the country. He co-runs the Assassins Army channel with Huzaif Pathan (HuzaiAsin), and the duo has been consistently uploading game-related videos for the past few years.

Their subscriber and view counts currently exceed 6.79 million and 854.300 million, respectively. Apart from this, Nayan also has a vlog channel, Nayan Shelke Vlogs, which has 22.9 thousand subscribers.

Here’s a glance at NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID and more details.

NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID, rank, and stats

NayanAsin’s Free Fire MAX ID is 148880273. He is the leader of the ASSASIN ARMY guild, and the guild’s ID number is 60645836.

The content creator is currently ranked Gold III in the Battle Royale mode and Gold II in the Clash Squad mode.

Lifetime stats

NayanAsin’s lifetime stats (Image via Garena)NayanAsin’s ranked stats (Image via Garena)NayanAsin’s CS Career stats (Image via Garena)NayanAsin’s income from YouTube (Image via Social Blade)

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NayanAsin and HuzaiAsin have worked incredibly hard to grow the Assassins Army YouTube channel. The oldest video under their name was uploaded in November 2019, and there are currently more than 735 uploads. The most popular video has over 36 million views.

According to Social Blade, they have gained 70 thousand subscribers and 17.284 million views in the last 30 days alone.

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