Jussie Smollett compared to Amber Heard as former’s first interview after arrest comes under fire 


Actor Jussie Smollett recently appeared on Sway Calloway’s SiriusXM show Sway in the Morning to give his first interview since he was sentenced to prison in March for allegedly staging a racist and anti-LGBTQ+ attack on himself.

Shortly after the release of the interview, social media users compared Smollett’s actions with that of Amber Heard by drawing similarities between the former’s Sway in the Morning appearance and Heard’s recent interview with Today show host Savannah Guthrie.

Jussie Smollett and Amber Heard are so much alike. It’s not even funny.

During Smollett’s interview, he said that he believes people felt betrayed by his situation because of the way his story was “served to the public.” The actor also mentioned that he had hoped they knew him better:

“I genuinely thought that people were gonna be like, ‘there’s no way that he did some (stuff) like that.’ I’m just like, ‘Y’all know me.’”

The actor also called out his close friends for not reaching out to him during his legal battle:

“I do hold some people accountable for the things that they said, for the things that they did, for the ways that they reacted. Because half of those people should have picked up the… phone and called me, because they had my number, you know, and they didn’t.”


The former Empire star then denied the allegations made against him and continued to claim his innocence:

“If I had done this, I’d be a piece of sh*t. And I don’t think that’s really questionable. If I had done something like this, it would mean that I stuck my fist in the pain of Black Americans in this country for over 400 years… It would mean that I stuck my fist in the fears of the LGBTQ community, all over the world.”

Jussie Smollett also said that he did not “need to” use the attack to advance his popularity and career as he was already “on the up and up” during the alleged incident.

A look into the comparison between Jussie Smollett and Amber Heard

Netizens mentioned that Jussie Smollett and Amber Heard are "alike" with their actions (Image via Getty Images)


YouTuber Nate The Lawyer mentioned that Jussie Smollett followed the “Amber Heard model” to prove his innocence despite being found guilty. Meanwhile, YouTube host Eric Hunley said:

“Just when we started to forget Jussie Smollett and are willing Amber Heard to move on, he’s back!”

Several social media users also took to Twitter to react to the comparison between Heard and Smollett.

Aaand.. Jussie Smollett just taking page from Amber Heard book, claiming “innocent” on his mess.Great job to encourage this @NBCNews, MSM.Would you interview OJ, and Weinstein next?PS : I use Amber Heard and Jussie Smollet synonymously.#AmberIsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser https://t.co/36QQ8T2tHn

Amber Heard is worse than Jussie Smollettbut they are both horrible, entitled, spoiled brats

Amber Heard & Jussie Smollett should be cell mates in a psych ward. Both staged criminal acts using influential movements (#MAGA & #MeToo) for fame and to further acting careers. And both will keep up the charade until their dying breath without EVER admitting to any wrongdoing. https://t.co/deRkKxBW6b

The @RealSway interview of #JussieSmollett is so cringe. It is hard to listen to him sit there and act like some martyr. Sway doesn’t push back on him at all either…. What is with our media propping up abusers and liars?? *cough* Amber Heard. *cough* Jussie Smollett…

Jussie Smollett and Amber Heard prove that being delusional crosses the race lines and can affect anyone that is stupid. Plain Stupid. Both of them can’t believe they can’t convince 99.99999999% of the public that the lies they are spewing are the truth (in their version).

The case of Jussie Smollett stirred up a huge amount of racist rhetoric. He’s still a liar though. He wasn’t given a pass because of his race. The very same goes for Amber Heard. That she is being attacked by misogynists does not make her innocent. #AmberIsALiar

As comparisons continue to pour in online, it is to be noted that Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said that the actress has “excellent grounds” to appeal against the Johnny Depp defamation verdict and that her legal team was already planning to do so.

Meanwhile, Jussie Smollett was busy promoting his directorial debut B-Boy Blues, an LGBTQ film about the “complexity of love.” The film is reportedly streaming on BET+ and is an adaptation of James Earl Hardy’s novel of the same name.

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