“If it’s not a championship, it won’t be good enough”

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After a surprising run to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, where they eliminated the New York Knicks and then stunned the heavily-favored Philadelphia 76ers in a feisty affair, the Atlanta Hawks are looking to complete last season’s unfinished job.

John Collins, the Atlanta Hawks starting power forward, made his thoughts clear regarding the team’s goals in the upcoming 2021-22 NBA season. In a report by Chris Kirschner of The Athletic, Collins is expecting the Hawks to move past the playoffs this time.

Here’s what Collins said:

“I feel like we’re real contenders. I definitely feel like we can get to the Finals. The East is loaded. Not to say we don’t want to see Kyrie (Irving) play, but it helps us when we don’t have to see a guy like Kyrie on the court. As a team, for us, staying healthy, adding depth, adding experience and chemistry (this offseason), we’re not going to shorten the expectations for ourselves.”

The Atlanta Hawks are apparently banking on their talent and will to get them over the hump of the playoffs and represent the East in the NBA Finals. The upcoming season seems like a bust or boom campaign by Nate McMillan’s team.

Collins continued to explain the Hawks’ lofty aspirations this season:

“Our goal is to get to the Finals. Losing is always a failure in our minds. If it’s not a championship, it won’t be good enough.”

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Trae Young, John Collins and the rest of the team are setting the bar high heading into the season. It remains to be seen how they will stack up against elite teams in the East as the games commence.

Will John Collins and the Atlanta Hawks top the East this time around?

Trae Young, John Collins and the Atlanta Hawks are confident of representing the East in the 2022 NBA FinalsAlso Read

The odds are not on the Hawks side to become East champions, but they have defied those odds before. There are several things to go as planned for the Hawks to sniff the East Finals. If they do, Trae Young is a proven big-time player and may yet push this team with John Collins to the top of the East.

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