How to make money with an Auto Shop in GTA Online


If you want to make money from a recently purchased Auto Shop in GTA Online, you have several options to consider. This property has quite a good variety of moneymakers worth exploring here. Basically, you have the following:

  • Auto Shop Service
  • Contracts
  • Exotic Exports

There’s more diversity here than with most businesses in GTA Online, so it can seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. However, all three of those options are easy to understand once you know what they’re about and how you earn money from them.

GTA Online guide: How to make money with an Auto Shop

You can customize a client's car here (Image via Rockstar Games)The whiteboard with all the Contracts (Image via Rockstar Games)


The final way to make money from an Auto Shop in GTA Online is through Exotic Exports. You just need to complete at least one Contract to unlock this feature. Once you’re done, simply go to the blackboard and look at the cars that are listed there.

You can steal up to ten cars a day, with there being 100 possible different spawns to find them. Some Auto Shop owners may prefer one moneymaker over another in GTA Online, so try them all out if you choose to purchase this property.

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