How to get free Night Blade skin and incubator vouchers in Free Fire MAX today


Events have proved to be one of the most effective ways to get free rewards in Free Fire MAX. These are introduced by developers regularly, and the community remains engaged in playing the game thanks to their addition.

The “Rampage United” themed event has become available in the battle royale title, and many associated rewards are up for grabs. Play and Win is one of the events that Garena has added, offering free Night Blade skin and incubator vouchers.

Users merely need to complete simple tasks to fulfill the requirements necessary to obtain the items that have been specified.

Free Fire MAX: How to get free Night Blade skin and incubator vouchers (Play and Win event)

Gamers can complete the specifics to get the rewards (Image via Garena)Users will have to scroll down to find the event (Image via Garena)

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Step 3: Finally, next to the different rewards, there will be a ‘Claim’ button that gamers can use to claim the benefits.

Later on, incubator vouchers can be used by players in the particular Luck Royale to collect tokens for the special AUG collection. In the meantime, the Night Blade skin can be equipped by visiting the ‘Weaponry’ section within Free Fire MAX.

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