How to defeat the Elite Chozo Soldiers in Metroid Dread

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Elite Chozo Soldiers are the only thing keeping Samus away from her encounter with Raven Beak at the end of Metroid Dread.

When entering Hanubia, Metroid Dread players can spot these Elite Chozo Soldiers running around outside. These are essentially buffed-up versions of similar bosses players have been fighting throughout Metroid Dread.

Thankfully, they use the same attacks, so gamers can recycle the same strategies and make quick work of these metallic warriors.

Elite Chozo Soldiers: Strategy for the difficult boss pair in Metroid Dread

Both the Red and Gold versions of the Elite Chozo Soldiers do tons of damage to Samus in Metroid Dread. If players keep their distance, though, they can steer clear of all the damage.

The full spectrum of attacks that Elite Chozo Soldiers can use for the first phase of the fight are as follows:

  • Shield bash that charges as Samus
  • Dash to a wall, followed by a dive attack at Samus’ last location
  • Twirling of the spear before thrusting at Samus

With Spin Jumps, Metroid Dread players can basically dodge all of them. Spin Jumps will clear both the shield bash and the spear thrust. The dive attack is probably better dealt with by using the Flash Shift, but jumping out of the way works fine.

When jumping, players should be charging their Plasma Beam. After the Elite Chozo Soldier does any attack, it will be vulnerable for just a moment. Players should attack at these moments, because once the enemy turns around, the shield will protect it from damage.

There is also a small window before the shield bash where Metroid Dread players can melee counter. It may take some godlike reflexes, but if done correctly, this technique does tons of damage.

After taking enough damage, the Elite Chozo Soldiers will ditch their shield and then transform their face. In this form, it will use the twirling spear thrust and the dive attack from before. The only difference is that it can also shoot ink from the walls.

Samus can stay safe from the ink shot by staying underneath (Image via MercurySteam)Also Read

Once it’s grounded, players can be more aggressive with how they attack these bosses. Missles are great to use here, and adventurous players can even fit in the occasional Storm Missles.

With patience and some good movement, these Elite Chozo Soldiers will fall victim to Samus, allowing the player to head up to the clouds for the final 1v1 with Raven Beak.

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