“He’d be a wall unto himself”


Many can agree that LA Lakers superstar LeBron James is an incredible athletic talent. As great as James is on the hardwood, sports analyst Skip Bayless believes that the four-time champion could’ve excelled in the world of football as well.

Watching James play basketball is one of the few privileges the world has right now. Even at 37 years of age, James is still one of the world’s best players. His athletic abilities have given him worldwide recognition, and even non-NBA fans know about him. Like other NBA superstars, James wasn’t a one-sport player.

He played football for two seasons at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Even in his short football career, James was able to showcase his other athletic gifts. During those two seasons, James was twice named an All-Ohio wide receiver.

Even James believes he could have been an NFL player if he chose football over basketball.

When asked a football-related question about the 18-time All-Star, Bayless said:

“Even my man LeShannon Sharpe believes that LeBron would struggle with the extreme physicality, that is the National Football League. But I still do believe … LeBron could’ve been at least as good, a pass-catching, not a blocking, but a pass-catching tight end as Jimmy Graham was.

“LeBron James, if he had so chosen, could’ve been a Hall of Fame left tackle. … He’d be a wall unto himself.”

What position could you see LeBron playing on an NFL roster? “LeBron could’ve been a Hall of Fame left tackle in the NFL” — @RealSkipBayless https://t.co/G3cKA3TU0o

Whenever Bayless compliments James, it’s always a sight to behold. Bayless does make a great point about James being a Hall of Fame talent on the football field.

LeBron James’ mission next season is to lead the Lakers back to the playoffs

LA Lakers forward LeBron James


After winning the 2020 title in the bubble, everyone in Los Angeles looked tired. Given what they dealt with, it’s understandable that their season ended in the first round of the playoffs in 2021. The same fate happened to their 2020 Finals opponent, the Miami Heat.

However, trading key players for Westbrook was a mistake. Knowing that they needed a shooter to help space the floor, it was a questionable move to make.

Now, James and the Lakers are being watched carefully as they try to bounce back.

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