“He threw my cell phone on the ground and fled with the car, skipping several red lights” – Paparazzi claims Pique insulted him amid ongoing Shakira breakup saga


A photographer has claimed that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique insulted him amid the ongoing split between the player and Colombian pop star Shakira.

Pique and Shakira announced in early June that they were ending their relationship and since then their breakup has been making major headlines. There have been reports that the Barcelona centre-back has cheated on the popstar but those claims have been rubbished.

However, the Spaniard was branded a ‘loser’ by Swedish TV host and businesswoman Katrin Zytomierska when he denied her son a photo opportunity (per The Sun). She snapped a picture of the 35-year-old with an unknown blonde at a restaurant in Sweden.

The latest development in the on-going saga over the former couple involves the former Manchester United star supposedly clashing with the paparazzi.

The TV program Socialité presented by María Patiño has revealed testimony from Jordi Martin. Martin was one of many paparazzi trying to snap the Barca star and he claims that the player threw his phone during an altercation.

Martin’s testimony was read on the program (via Marca):

“He threw my cell phone on the ground and fled with the car, skipping several red lights. When Jordi asked him again at the airport, he flew into a rage again.”

The Spaniard would have apparently seriously injured the paparazzi, according to the testimony read on Socialité.

Gerard Pique was spotted at Wimbledon after visiting the Chelsea megastore with his kids. https://t.co/UntqyHTF51

Gerard Pique and Shakira’s breakup continues to unfold

Drama is unfolding amid the couple's breakupESdiario:

“That relationship has been broken for a long time but they gave a cordial image to the public.

He continued:

“Shakira noticed Piqué because he (she) liked her (him) to be the father of her children. She knew she would never marry him. According to a person very close to them, there has been a financial problem between them.”

Meanwhile, journalist Lorena Vazquez has revealed how the Colombian singer didn’t have a close relationship with her former partner’s friends.

She said (via MARCA):

“Shakira didn’t treat them well, she thought she was superior. They called her La Patrona.”

The former couple are also at loggerheads over their children, with the singer wanting to take Sasha and Milan on a two-month vacation break to Miami.

But Pique is firmly against this as he wants the children to stay in close contact with their grandparents of whom they are neighbors with (as per Marca).

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