Garena releases new Free Fire MAX Moco Store featuring Bones of Terror G36, Thrash Metallic Thompson, and more


Garena recently added multiple iterations of the Moco Store in Free Fire MAX to reintroduce attractive and eye-catching cosmetics. The new version brings back the fan-favorite gun skins – Bones of Terror G36 and Thrash Metallic Thompson, among other rewards.

Like any other Luck Royale in the game, you need to spend diamonds to receive one grand prize and one bonus prize alongside four other items. Additionally, selecting the rewards from the prize pool makes the Moco Store an even more attractive option for everyone in the community.

New Moco Store starts in Free Fire MAX Indian server


The new Moco Store has commenced within Free Fire MAX, and Indian players can receive attractive gun skins, emotes, and several other items at a reduced price. The event commenced on November 24, 2022, and is here to stay until November 30, 2022.

Grand Prize

The grand prizes of the new Free Fire MAX Moco Store (Image via Garena)The bonus prizes of the new Free Fire MAX Moco Store (Image via Garena)Spend diamonds to receive one of the six items (Image via Garena)Price of making spins (Image via Garena)Select new Moco Store from the menu (Image via Garena)

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