Colby Covington calls Jorge Masvidal a “piece of s**t person”


Colby Covington has begun playing mind games with close friend-turned-bitter rival Jorge Masvidal.

The two-time welterweight title challenger made personal comments about Masvidal in a recent interview with Daniel Cormier. Asked to comment on his relationship with Masvidal, Covington stated:

“You know, I can’t really take any positives from our relationship, man. Jorge is such a piece of s*** person. I mean, [he] cheats on his wife, cheats on his taxes, doesn’t talk to his kids, uses people. That’s all he was doing, ‘DC’.”

Covington added that ‘Gamebred’ only befriended him to advance his MMA career. ‘Chaos’ also reiterated that his former teammate grew jealous of him as he rose through the ranks of the UFC welterweight division. He continued:

“He was using me because he needed someone who was going to push him high-pace in training and someone who was going to give him wrestling knowledge and train with him everyday, be by his side to help him along his journey. But as soon as I started levelling up and getting up close to him and passing him in the rankings, that’s when he kicked me in the curb and backstabbed me for money and fame.”

Watch Colby Covington’s full interview with Daniel Cormier below:

Jorge Masvidal calls Colby Covington a “snake”

Jorge Masvidal claimed that he isn’t the only one who grew to dislike Colby Covington after getting to know him. According to ‘Gamebred,’ most of Covington’s former teammates have nothing nice to say about him. Appearing as a guest on The MMA Hour, Masvidal said:

“He was living off my couch, he was eating my meal prep – food that they were giving me because I was already sponsored. He was an amateur coming in. It just [puts] a lot of things in perspective. You come into this world alone and you probably come out of it alone as well. This guy is a legit snake so I can’t wait to [punch him]. Ask Jon Jones about it. Motherf***ing Jon Jones has nothing nice to say about him. How about [Tyron] Woodley? Woodley ain’t got nothing nice to say about him.”

Covington and Masvidal will get to settle their differences inside the octagon. The arch rivals are gearing up for a main event showdown at UFC 272 in March.

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