Chet Holmgren is nothing special according to Shannon Sharpe


Chet Holmgren has been among the most analyzed and criticized players ahead of Thursday night’s NBA draft. After Auburn Tigers coach Bruce Pearl blasted the Gonzaga Bulldogs center, Shannon Sharpe gave his analysis of Holmgren.

As one of the top draft prospects, Holmgren has been subject to scrutiny. Analysts, scouts and coaches have picked apart the “big three” of the draft, but Holmgren has received the most criticism.

During a recent interview, Pearl had harsh words for Holmgren’s physique and ability to transition into the NBA.

“The NBA stands for No Boys Allowed,” Pearl said on the ‘McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning’ podcast. “And that body scares me.”

Sharpe dismissed those comments as an attempt to boost Auburn forward Jabari Smith Jr. Still, Sharpe provided analysis of Chet Holmgren’s game and his chances in the NBA. On “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed,” Sharpe explained why he does not believe that Holmgren will be an NBA star, saying:

“When I just look at Chet Holmgren, I just think his frame and I just don’t see it. I would have loved it a lot more if he had been consistent throughout. No matter what level of competition, he dominates that competition. Clearly, he’s the tallest player.”

Sharpe said Holmgren does not know how to use his height consistently.

“Every time he touched the court in college, he was the tallest player, but sometimes, against better competition, he didn’t look like he was 7-plus feet tall,” Sharpe said. “He shrank down to the level of competition, and that’s what’s concerning. On a nightly basis you’re going against dogs – you’re going against the best of the best – and they will devour you.”

Many were critical of Holmgren’s performance in the NCAA Tournament because he was not dominant. Holmgren was in foul trouble in two of Gonzaga’s three games.

Despite all the concerns about Holmgren’s body and chances in the NBA, many still believe in his potential.


Despite the concerns over his body, Chet Holmgren could be the player with the highest upside in the draft

For all the criticism, Holmgren has just as many supporters.

With Holmgren’s size and shooting prowess, there is plenty of reason to believe in his upside as a potential star. Still, the potential to be marvelous is two different issues.

If Holmgren can achieve his potential, he will silence all critics. If Holmgren fails to reach his upside, he will become one of the most predicted busts in the history of the NBA.

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