Best moveset for Seismitoad in Pokemon GO


Seismitoad can be a great way to round out a team in Pokemon GO.

This is primarily because of how phenomenal type combination Water and Ground is, and this Pokemon has a good list of resistances and only one weakness to Grass. While it may not be the best Water and Ground-type (it has to compete with Gastrodon and Swampert), it can still be a niche pick in the Great League.

Which moves should this Generation V Pokemon be using?

Trainers who decide to use this large frog are definitely going to want to run Mud Shot as its fast move. This is one of the best Ground-type moves for charging energy, despite having low damage output.

While Bubble does a decent 7 damage to go along with its 11 energy per use in PvP, it’s unfortunately extremely slow (1.5 seconds). This means that Mud Shot will still net Seismitoad more energy in a quicker time than Bubble would.

For charge moves, Seismitoad’s best tool is arguably Earth Power. It’s Seismitoad’s most powerful option, being base 90 power with STAB. It also only takes up 55 energy, which shouldn’t take too long to charge after spamming Mud Shot for a bit.

Seismitoad gets access to Muddy Water and Earth Power (Image via The Pokemon Company)Also ReadArticle Continues below

Sludge Bomb is more of a surprise option if Seismitoad can farm up to it. So, if there is a Grass-type the opponent has in the back that has been chipped down, certainly Seismitoad can Sludge Bomb when it switches in. Trainers should still pair Seismitoad with a Pokemon that deals with Grass-types, though.

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