7 Best ab workouts with resistance bands for men


Ab workouts should be an integral part of your fitness routine. There are numerous benefits to having a strong core, and you should definitely set aside some time to work on your core muscles during the week. While some may work on your abdominal muscles more than four times a week, you can also do it every alternative day, but start slow.

Interestingly, ab workouts can be done using dumbbells, plates, cables and resistance bands. Eventually, the focus is on working the abdominal muscles by using resistance. If you’re looking to switch your routine, or just start with core muscles, resistance bands are a good way to go.

Ab workouts with resistance bands

The thing about fitness bands is that they allow you to replicate weight training without using any weights. As the resistance bands come at varying levels, you can choose which band works best for you during ab workouts.

On that note, here’s a look at seven ab workouts with resistance bands:


1) Resistance band wood chops – high to low

Attach the band above your head. A better way to measure it would be to extend your hands upwards, and tie the band somewhere near your wrist.

Hold the other end of the band, and pull the band from high to low using your core muscles. Make sure you’re not using your biceps, triceps, shoulders or any other muscle to pull the band. Keep your core as stable as possible when doing this exercise.

2) Resistance band wood chops – low to high

This is a similar exercise to resistance band wood chops – high to low. However, in this exercise, you need to attach the band at an ankle height.

When you pull the band upwards, make sure you’re not pulling from your shoulders or chest. Instead, keep your core muscles engaged, and use those muscles to pull the band.


3) Banded wood chops with full rotation – parallel

Attach the resistance band at waist height, and extend your arms in front of you. Hold the other end of the band, and pull the band across your body using your core muscles. Make sure your upper body is stable, and you’re not pulling from your shoulders.

4) Standing Pallof Hold + Reach

Attach the resistance band at hip height and hold the other end of the band near your core muscles. Ensure that when you have pulled it near your core, there is pressure on the band.

Extend your arms forward, and move them overhead. You should be able to feel pressure on your core muscles as well as on your lower back. You can involve this exercise in your ab workouts to strengthen your back and core.


5) Russian Twist with Resistance Band

While this exercise is usually done with plates, you can attach the resistance band to a rack, and move back till there is pressure on the band. Proceed with performing Russian twists while keeping your core muscles engaged.

The more engaged your core muscles are during ab workouts, the more stability you’ll have while doing these twists.

6) Banded crunches

Attach the band to a rack or support, and hold it over yourself. The top of your head should be facing the band. Proceed to do crunches while holding the resistance band. When you move upwards, pull with your core muscles, and the extra resistance from the bands will work the muscles harder.


7) Banded side bends

Attach the resistance band to the bottom of a support or rack, and move away from it while holding the other end. Hold the resistance band on your right hand, and bend towards your left. Once you feel a stretch in your obliques, move back to the neutral position.

During this movement, keep your abdominal muscles engaged, as that will help you with stability when you’re bending towards the side.

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