Woman delivers quadruplets; mom, babies in fine fettle

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Hyderabad: In a rare case, a 27-year-old woman gave birth to quadruplets at Mina Hospital in Hyderabad through a risky Caesarean operation which lasted for three hours. Among the quadruplets born on Tuesday, one baby boy is weighing 1.5 kg and three baby girls are weighing 1.5 kg, 1.4 kg and 1.3 kg respectively.

The two babies weighing 1.5 kg are healthy and are kept in normal rooms. The other two babies are on low oxygen support. The mother is said to be stable but not allowed to meet anyone. The babies are being fed and taken care of by hospital staff.   


The young mother was taking ovulation pills to improve her outcome for pregnancy. Upon conception, early scans showed that there were four babies inside her womb.

Dr Shoeba Shukoor, gynaecologist at Mina Hospital in Mehdipatnam, says regular scans showed healthy growth of babies. It was in the seventh month of pregnancy that the patient developed high blood pressure and despite medication, it was not controlled. Dr Shukoor earlier had patients who delivered triplets but this was the first time that quadruplets have been delivered in their hospital.   


Dr Shukoor says, “Pregnancy is an immunocompromised state of the body and due to the weight of the babies and other hormonal components, it is expected that there will be high blood pressure in the mother.”

Since the patient is 27 years of age, there were no other complications. In women after 40 years of age, there are complications like diabetes and hypertension which are noted in late pregnancies with more than one baby in the womb, say experts. The team of gynaecologists evaluated the position of the babies and their growth and decided to go for a C-section.


A normal C-section takes 45 minutes but in this case, it took three hours.

A team of doctors including Dr Soheba Shukoor, Dr Shakeeb and Dr Shaher Banu and neonatologists Dr Sachin Narkhede and Dr Rafay were part of the surgical procedure.

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