What happened in Aaftab Poonawala’s Narco test


The Delhi Police conducted Aaftab Poonawala’s narco test at a hospital in Rohini. The test was conducted as part of the ongoing investigation into the case. The test was successful and his health condition was fine. The test began at around 10 am. The test was started after he signed the consent form as it is mandatory for a person to permit the authorities to conduct the test. Under the test, a person is injected with drugs like sodium pentothal, scopolamine and sodium amytal. The person, in a stupor, normally divulges information that he would not in a conscious state. The narco test was ordered as the Delhi Police found he was misleading them.  

Poonawala allegedly strangled Walkar as he didn’t want her to enter into a relationship with another man. They had broken up days before but were still living together. He then chopped the body into 35 pieces and threw them one by one. The police have found 13 pieces, including her jaw. He later found another woman with whom he had a relationship. The woman is a medical doctor and had come to the house when the body was still inside the house. The police questioned her on Wednesday and said she didn’t find any indication that the body was inside the flat. The woman told the police that he behaved nicely with her and she had no inkling that the body was inside the fridge. She also said the man had gifted her several items, including perfumes and Shraddha’s ring. 

Aaftab Poonawala gave answers to almost all the answers. He gave the answer in English. In some questions, Aaftab took a lot of time to answer. According to Aaj Tak, here’s a list of questions posted to the alleged murder: On what date did you kill Shraddha? Why did you kill Shraddha? How did you kill Shraddha? How did you chop the body? Where did you find the weapons needed to chop the body? Where did you throw the pieces of the body? How much time did you keep the pieces? Where did you dump the weapons? What did you do for six months? If it was murder in anger, why didn’t you surrender?

Aaftab Poonawala had told the police they had been having trouble in their relationship since leaving Mumbai for Delhi. He had relationships with many women and Shraddha knew about this. She had broken up on May 5. Aaftab had also agreed but he didn’t want her to leave. Hence, he killed her on May 18. Since her parents were not in touch with her, her murder remained undetected for over six months.

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He used to mislead her friends so that the crime remained undetected. Months after murdering the woman, she talked to one of her friends and said he tell Shraddha to contact him.
They also had financial problems since they went to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh before settling down in Delhi. 
He transferred Rs 54000 from Shraddha’s account to him.

Till May 18, he used to order food for two people on Zomato. However, after the murder, he started ordering food for one person.

On the same day, within minutes of killing her, he ordered food from the application.

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