Vande Bharat train collides with cattle in Gujarat


Reported By:| Edited By: |Source: IANS |Updated: Dec 02, 2022, 03:35 PM IST

The Gandhinagar-Mumbai Vande Bharat Superfast Express train collided with cattle between Udvada and Vapi station in Gujarat. A railway official said that the train’s front panel got slightly damaged due to the collision on Thursday evening. The train started running on this route two months ago, in September.

According to the Railways, the incident took place near crossing gate number 87 between Udvada and Vapi at around 6.23 p.m. The train proceeded towards its destination at 6.35 p.m. after halting for some minutes.

The Railway authorities said that no passenger was hurt in the accident. The train has been involved in similar incidents before.

On October 29, the Vande Bharat train rammed into a bull. In another incident on October 6, the train collided with cattle which damaged to its front part.

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