Sonia Gandhi lashes out at ‘self-absorbed’ govt on I-Day


Hitting back at the BJP for questioning Jawaharlal Nehru’s role in the Partition of India, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday said her party will strongly oppose misinterpretation of history for “political gains” by putting icons of the Independence movement “on the dock based on lies”. 

In her message on India’s 76th Independence Day, Gandhi alleged that a “self-obsessed” government is hell-bent on “trivialising” the sacrifices of freedom fighters and the “glorious achievements” made by the country over the last 75 years can never be accepted. 

“We have achieved a lot over the last 75 years but what can never be accepted is that the current self-absorbed government is hell-bent on trivialising the great sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and the country’s glorious achievements,” she said in the written message released by the Congress. 

“The Indian National Congress strongly opposes misrepresentation of historical facts for political benefits and putting great national leaders like (Mahatma) Gandhi, Nehru, (Sardar) Patel and (Maulana) Azad on the dock based on lies,” she added. 

Gandhi’s attack came a day after the BJP released a video narrating its version of events that led to India’s partition in 1947 in which it tangentially accused the top Congress leadership at the time and showed pictures of Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The Congress had also taken a strong exception to the exclusion of India’s first prime minister Nehru in the Karnataka government’s newspaper advertisement on freedom fighters and termed the BJP action “pathetic”.

Sonia Gandhi said that in the last 75 years, India has left an indelible mark on the international arena in all fields including science, education, health and information technology through the hard work of its talented people.

“Under the leadership of its visionary leaders, while on one hand, India established a free, fair and transparent election system, on the other, it strengthened democracy and constitutional institutions,” the Congress chief said.

Along with this, India has made its identity as a leading country that has always lived up to pluralism in language, religion and sect, she added.

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