‘Ranveer vs Wild’ trailer hints at choices fans will make for Ranveer Singh


The newly dropped trailer for ‘Ranveer vs Wild’ with Bear Grylls shows actor Ranveer Singh facing some tough choices. Should he rappel down a craggy cliff or traverse a mountain line across a nail-biting drop to descend from high ground? What should he do when he meets bears — play dead or dance for them?

At a packed event today to launch the trailer with fans and media, the indefatigable powerhouse reminded his fans that his fate is literally in their hands, button dabao aur Ranveer ko bachao! Zip-lining from the sky in true blue Ranveer style, the superstar made his way to the main stage to unveil the trailer and deliver a very special message. “Dil Darega Nahi, Karega”, said Ranveer as he urged his fans to embrace their fears and pursue their ultimate passion.

Trading the comforts and fashion of cosmopolitan Mumbai to plunge headlong into the unforgiving forests of Serbia, Ranveer is risking his life all for one thing — a rare flower for the love of his life. From rappelling rocky terrains to facing ravenous wolves, he keeps on forging ahead with adventurer Bear Grylls.

Long a fan of the man he calls “king of the wild”, Ranveer is over the moon to team up with Bear for this adventure of a lifetime.

“This is a fresh offering in the adventure reality genre.” Ranveer said. “Embarking on this great, big challenge was a thrill for me and we feel that the audience will also experience the same adrenaline rush! It’s packed with action, humor, emotion, suspense – just about all the ingredients of a wholesome watch. And the best part is that the audience gets to engage in a truly interactive format, which in many ways is the USP of the show.”

Out in the jungle, Ranveer does his own stunts for the first time ever, while picking up new survival skills from Bear the intrepid explorer, who at one point helpfully informs the actor he’s smeared wolf scat on his forehead.

“I am excited to be working with Ranveer. He is a supremely talented actor and a fireball of energy,” says Bear. “The best part about him is his insatiable thirst for growth and adventure,” he adds.

Produced by Banijay Asia and The Natural Studios, the special will air on July 8 on Netflix.

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