People of Gujarat now want only three things, ‘Parivarthan, Parivarthan and Parivarthan’: Raghav Chadha


Exuding confidence about winning upcoming the Gujarat assembly polls with a landslide margin, Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat co-incharge and MP Raghav Chadha on Monday said that wherever he is going in Gujarat, all that he can hear is a constant chant of ‘Parivarthan’. He held a series of interactions with different sections of society, visited a diamond factory and had detailed discussions with workers about their problems.  

Chadha paid respects to Sardar Vallabhai Patel at Surat before addressing  a jansabha in the city’s Heera Bazar. He said that during this campaign, he has been visiting different towns and villages of the state and from everywhere he has heard people saying that they want only three things- ‘Parivarthan, Parivarthan and Parivarthan’.  

“AAP is a party of common people. Earlier, people of Gujarat did not have an alternative and were suffering a corrupt BJP government for 27 years.. But now, they have got a good and, honest alternative. People want good work to be done in the state just like what has become possible in Delhi and Punjab.  He reminded the people that in Delhi the electorate had been alternating between the Congress and the BJP for 15 years, until the AAP formed the government in 2015. It used to be said that no other party except for the Congress can form a government in Delhi. But since the AAP formed its government, Delhi has not looked at any other party. Similarly, in PUnjab, the people have freed themselves from a 50 year rule of  alternating Akali and Congress governments. 

“If PUnjabis and Delhites can show the way to right politics, then why should Gujaratis be left behind?, he said, adding that whenever the nation was in danger Gujarat has been at the forefront to fight against tyranny. Gujaratis started the revolution to uproot British rule from India, similarly they are ready to uproot the BJP now.  “This is nothing short of a miracle.”

Praising the people of ‘Diamond City’ Surat, he said, “I am blessed that I got a chance to listen to your grievances and share my views with all of you. Each one of you is a diamond who is working hard in respective spheres. I assure you all that we will work diligently to reform Gujarat.”

Chadha accused the ruling BJP and the Congress of joining hands to defeat the AAP in the forthcoming state Assembly elections. He said that BJP is so baffled with the growing popularity of AAP and after this IB’s report, that they even bulldozed a building where Arvind Kejriwal was to attend a meeting. The politics of hatred and revenge practiced by the BJP is unacceptable in a peaceful state like Gujarat, he added.

The MP said that after a report of the Intelligence Bureau suggested that if elections were to be held now, the AAP is most likely to win, “The BJP and Congress have begun to hold secret meetings with each other to find a way to stop our onward march. The BJP is now trying to encourage the Congress to strengthen their base so that the anti-BJP votes get divided and AAP won’t be able to form the government in Gujarat.”
“The BJP does not criticise the Congress nowadays, but only the AAP. They are not as scared of the AAP, as they are of the people of Gujarat, because once the ordinary aam aadmi rises, powerful rulers can be toppled in a democracy.” 

He appealed to the people not to waste their votes by voting for the Congress, because that will only dent the AAP and make the BJP succeed in its strategy. 

Chadha also attacked the BJP over the issue of ‘free rewari’ and said that on the one hand they say there should be no freebies, on the other hand, they are extending free ration ahead of Gujarat elections. 

“So there are two models of ‘revdis’ in India today. The first is that of the BJP in which it gives  lakhs of crores worth loan waivers to their corporate friends. They give free electricity worth lakhs to their legislators and MPs, but have problems giving free education to poor.  But Arvind Kejriwal’s revdi is providing free health and world class education to the poor. BJP is an anti-poor party. This is the time to choose which revdi you want. Vote for AAP to bring a ‘Change’ in Gujarat this time,” said Chadha.

Chadha also participated in a padyatra where he met scores of people on the way who turned out to listen to him. 

He said that people of Gujarat are aware of the extraordinary work AAP did in Delhi and Punjab under the AAP regime. The AAP governments are giving free electricity, world class health services and education system, This model will be implemented in Gujarat too after AAP forms the government here, Chadha added.

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