Noida, Greater Noida police seizing cars, bikes with unpaid fines, your vehicle is in danger if…


The Gautam Buddha Nagar traffic police have started seizing vehicles that have not paid their fines for traffic violations. Fines amounting to Rs 115 crore are pending, with amounts varying from Rs 500 and Rs 10,000. They started an intense checking campaign in Noida and Greater Noida, which will continue for at least two weeks.

The vehicles of those with multiple unpaid fines or very old unpaid fines could be seized first.

The police said that some vehicles have had over 3 dozen unpaid fines over the past four years. Some haven’t paid the fines for several years and are using their vehicles with impunity. Now, the police in Noida and Greater Noida will randomly search people in the traffic for pending fines. Those with multiple unpaid fines may have to forgo their cars.

These fines are for offences like jumping the red light, not wearing the helmet and speeding. They can be paid online on the Parivahan portal or the mobile application. People can also pay their fines at the police office in Sector 14A.

In UP, Rs 1000 is charged for not wearing helmet on a two-wheeler, Rs 500 for illegal parking, Rs 2000 for speeding and Rs 1000 for driving without a seat belt. 

Over 5.88 lakh fines were issued in 2022 in Noida with a value of over Rs 3 crore, reported HT.

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