No meds to raise platelet count, warn docs


Hyderabad: With dengue cases on the rise in the city, doctors have warned patients to not believe quacks or medical practitioners if they say that any medicines can raise their platelet count.

A doctor in a private hospital in the city said such non-registered practitioners had been found to prescribe medicines to dengue patients, claiming the medicines could raise the platelet count, which usually drops in dengue.


“There is no such medicine, transfusion is the only way to increase platelet count,” Director of Public Health Dr G. Srinivasa Rao confirmed.

“If anyone says they can increase the platelet count and cure dengue, don’t believe them,” was paediatrician Dr Sivaranjani Santosh’s advice to people. She said it was important to consult a doctor as they would know what level of platelets is actually worrisome. Dr Santosh said as per guidelines, blood transfusion was required only if the platelet count dropped below 10,000 or was less than 20,000 accompanied by bleeding manifestation.


Consultant paediatrician at Apollo Cradle, Kondapur, Dr Avash Pani, said several patients wanted to get a blood transfusion not as per the doctor’s advice but by their own judgment, even if their platelet count was 50,000-60,000.

“In dengue, platelet count itself doesn’t have much of a role. The public seems to run after transfusion even if the level goes down to 50,000-60,000, that shouldn’t be encouraged,” he said. He added that patients needed to be concerned only in serious cases of dengue, wherein there is multi-organ failure, fall in blood pressure and the capillaries start leaking water. This happens in 0.5 to one per cent of dengue cases, Dr Pani said.


Dr Pani said in Ayurvedic medicine, a tablet whose ingredient was papaya extract was prescribed to dengue patients. “But not in allopathy. As for Ayurvedic medicine, we don’t know how effective it is,” he added.

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