Navrang Navratri picks Chirag Vithalani as the lead anchor


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On September 26, Navratri began with all the pomp and show across Mumbai. While several artists perform on grounds in the open, the dome Navratri is becoming the ‘in’ thing very fast. Navrang Navratri, one of the leading organizers of Navratri events in Mumbai have set up such an event in Borivali, which is the hub of all Garba lovers. They have picked Chirag Vithalani – a leading emcee in the hosting business as their lead anchor.

Chirag Vithalani is a powerhouse of talent –and it was a rather difficult and challenging journey for him so far. Especially hosting Navrang Navratri in Borivali West. He has prepared extensively for the nine nights and has rapidly become of the of the most-loved hosts across the Navratri belt of North Mumbai. The dome can house hundreds of dancers at a time, which Vithalani will lead through all hours of dancing and merriment.

Navratri has charged the atmosphere with high energyof the dandiya lovers. The biggest dance festival of the world sees some of the largest events hosted in mega cities – especially Mumbai. Chirag Vithalani has brought colours to these events.In terms of hosting his first grand Navratri in Mumbai – that too one with Nilesh Thakkar as the lead artist – is surely more than exciting of him. “I feel that it is all about matching the vibrations and energy of the audience. For me, that creates a connection and it’s the most important in events as important as this,” he says.

Coming from humble background of a middle-class family with high moral values, he only had eyes on becoming a Chartered Accountant. However, his love for stage was undeniable since his school days. He was also part of the drama team in Mithibai. “I realized it is important to be true to oneself. I missed stage so much that I did not do justice to my CA studies. I began slowly to host small weddings and parties – and realized this was my calling – being in the limelight and entertaining everyone at the event. Even if they’re able to forget life and let go of worries for the time I am entertaining them, my job is done well!” says Vithalani while describing his experiences hosting weddings. He is now one of the most sought-after anchors for weddings and remains popular among all generations while hosting.

It has been eight years now and he has hosted several high-profile weddings. He has performed more than 1000 shows in India as well as abroad – in Singapore, Nepal, Jaipur Goa, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and several events are upcoming for him this shaadi season. With events like 3 days of cruise wedding in Singapore, Vithalani has brightened weddings of a crowd exceeding 1000 in attendance; and kept things somber and sensitive at a 50-people wedding during COVID, not compromising on the joy of the couple’s union at all.






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