National capital records season’s best air quality since October last year


Delhi air quality: National capital records season’s best air quality since October last year

As a result of favourable wind conditions that dispersed pollutants, Delhi recorded its best air quality of the season on Wednesday. After reaching an AQI of 154 on October 14 of last year, the 24-hour average air quality index reached a high of 160 at 4 p.m. This year’s January had its first day with moderate air quality.

In November, Delhi did not record any days with good, satisfactory, or moderate air quality. Nevertheless, it experienced three days in December with moderate air quality. It had been a while since Delhi had inhaled such pure air. With an index of 305 at 9 am Tuesday, the air quality was considered “very poor.” At 335, the AQI fell into the “very poor” category once more on Monday.

The AQI in Pusa was 71, while it was 91 in the nearby area of Delhi University. The AQI at Lodhi Road was 75, while it was 78 at IIT Delhi. With an index of 110 and 112, respectively, the Airport area and Mathura Road had “moderate” overall air quality.

With an AQI of 98 on Wednesday morning, the air quality in Noida also managed to improve to the “satisfactory” category. The AQI for Gurugram, at 71, was also improved. From 0 to 50, the air quality index (AQI) is considered to be good; from 50 to 100, satisfactory; from 100 to 200, moderate; from 200 to 300, poor; from 300 to 400, very poor; and from 400 to 500, severe.

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