Many govt websites non-operational in Telangana


HYDERABAD: Numerous web portals of the Telangana government are either not working or not being updated. Websites of the Musi River Front Development Corporation, agricultural department, co-operation department, Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA), TS Power Generation Corporation Limited, revenue department, and many others are not available. Only links are displayed but no information is shown.

Even though Telangana is well equipped with an IT hub, Microsoft and Google, the issue of non-functional government websites is not resolved.

Kishore Poreddy, official spokesperson of the BJP Telangana unit, tweeted, “If you trust Musi project website inspite of Google warnings, all you see is Latin -like in Greek and Latin (sic).”

 Avinash Thota, design engineer at Aerospace replied to Kishore Poreddy tweet saying the world’s greatest IT minister had not done anything to improve the government websites.

 Though all Telangana government websites completed its upgradation and maintenance in July, several websites remain non-functional.

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