Maharashtra Diwali Bonanza 2022: State Govt Announces Dipavali Gift To Ration Card Holders Under PDS, Here’s All You Need To Know


Mumbai, October 4: In a much-needed relief amid the price rise, the Shinde-Fadnavis government on the eve of Dussehra 2022, announced a Diwali gift wherein they will be provided rawa, Chana dal, 1 kg sugar, and 1 kg palm oil at Rs 100 to the ration card holders under the public distribution system (PDS). These four commodities are extensively used to make delicacies during the Hindu festival.

Following this move, nearly 1.70 crore families (about 7 crore people) in the state will benefit directly from the decision. According to the reports, the Maharashtra cabinet has approved a budget of Rs. 486.94 crores for the Diwali gifts, PTI reported. These commodities will be distributed for a period of a month through an e-pass system. On Eve of Dassehra 2022 Rally, Maharashtra Govt Announces Advance Diwali Gift of Subsidised Food Provisions to Nearly 1.70 Crore Families.

Currently, the country is witnessing retail inflation of about 7 percent. Against this backdrop, this Diwali bonanza will enable the economically-weaker sections to prepare snacks and sweets for Diwali 2022 without burning a hole in their pockets. Dussehra 2022: Clash of Shiv Sena Factions – Fireworks, Verbal Volleys Expected at Dussehra Rallies of Rival Factions in Mumbai.

What is a Ration Card? It’s Type?

A ration card is a document that the respective state governments use to aid citizens in purchasing essential day-to-day ingredients at a subsidised rate. Like every state, Maharashtra also issues three types of ration cards based on the economic status of the family and the number of family members.

  • White Ration Card (Above Poverty Line (APL))

APL families receive 10 kg to 20 kg of food grains per family per month at 100% of the economic cost. Each state government fixes a subsidised retail rate for rice, wheat, sugar, and kerosene oil for a certain quantity.

  • Blue/Red/Green/Yellow Ration Card (Below Poverty Line (BPL))

    BPL families receive 10 kg to 20 kg of food grains per family per month at 50% of the economic cost. The subsidised end retail price for specified quantities of wheat, rice, sugar, and other items varies from state to state. Each state government fixes different rates per quantity.

  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY):

Persons without fixed income receive this card. It includes unemployed people, women and old aged people. They receive food grains at the subsidised price of Rs.3 for rice, Rs.2 for wheat, and Rs.1 for coarse grains.

Having said that 7 crores of the people of Maharashtra would be benefitted from the Diwali bonanza, the ration card holders will receive subsidised packages of commodities for a month ahead of Diwali 2022, easing the financial burden on them.

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