KTR hits back at ‘trolls’ blaming govt’s ‘inaction’ in Jubilee Hills rape case


HYDERABAD: Hitting back at trolls on social media platforms blaming the state government’s ‘inaction’ that allowed all the rape accused in the recent Jubillee Hills rape case to get bail, IT minister K.T. Rama Rao said that loopholes in Juvenile Justice Act, IPC and CrPC have resulted in rapists getting bail in the case. He clarified that it was to set right such lapses that he was demanding that the acts be amended and strengthened. He stated that the state government will fight till the rapists get punished as per law.

Rama Rao took to Twitter on Friday to express his ire at the trolls.

He tweeted “To the silly trolls who indulge in whataboutery & question what Telangana Govt did in recent rape case in Hyderabad – the Rapists were arrested swiftly & sent to jail. After 45 days, the High Court had granted them Bail. We will fight on till these rapists get punished as per law (sic).”

In another tweet, he said “That’s the reason why I am demanding that these acts be amended so no Rapist gets a bail & when convicted remains in Jail till death. Life imprisonment in truest sense (sic).”

Rao also indirectly took a dig at the BJP government in Gujarat for its decision to release 11 rape convicts in the Bilkis Bano gang-rape case.

He tweeted, “Political parties typically promise development, security, welfare sops to win elections. Now they are releasing Rapists & killers of pregnant women & children!! These acts of omission, commission & remission will Not be forgotten. Karma is a Boomerang (sic).”

It may be recalled that five of the six accused in the Jubilee Hills rape case were released last month as they were below 18 years of age. Netizens blamed the state government’s ineptness.

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