Korean YouTuber narrates Mumbai molestation ordeal


‘Was followed to my hotel…’: Korean YouTuber narrates Mumbai molestation ordeal | Photo: Zee Media Bureau

An shameful incident event occurred in Mumbai on Tuesday night when a South Korean YouTube vlogger was harassed while she was streaming live. After the incident’s footage became viral on social media, the two offenders were detained by Mumbai police. Hyojeong Park described the whole scenario and recalled the horrifying episode.

According to India Today, the incident occurred at nearly 11.50 p.m. as Park was making her way to her hotel in Khar, a neighbourhood of Mumbai. According to a Korean vlogger, the accused first shouted “I love you,” but she didn’t answer. The accused then came over and held her hands forcefully. The accused attempted to kiss Hyojeong on the cheeks despite her objections and wrapped his hand around her.

The victim further said that when she declined the accused’s request for her phone number, he followed her regardless. The two defendants also offered to drop her off, but she declined and stated that her hotel was close by.

Park claimed that a viewer who was watching the live video from a nearby location stepped in to intervene and save her. Hyojeong Park praised the Mumbai police for their quick response to the harassment. Mumbai police opened an investigation after the incident’s viral video and charged the two suspects appropriately. Park noted that this might happen anywhere and called the incident an unfortunate event. She also mentioned that she intended to stay longer in India.

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