Karnataka: Lord Krishna Idol Surgically Removed From Man’s Food Pipe After He Swallows It Along With Holy Water


Karnataka, June 23: In a strange incident reported from Karnataka, a 45-year-old man in Belagavi inadvertently swallowed a metal idol of Lord Krishna along with holy water, reported Mirror Now. The idol had to be surgically removed as it was lodged in his food pipe obstructing it.

As per the reports, the man used to drink holy water with the Krishna idol immersed in it every day, unfortunately, he accidentally swallowed the idol this morning. Following this, he started complaining of breathing difficulty, throat pain, and pain when swallowing. Viagra Overdose Lands Newly-Married Prayagraj Man in Hospital; Undergoes Surgery Twice, May Have To Live With Permanent Problem in Private Part.

The man was rushed to the KLE hospital in Belgavi. In an X-Ray of the man’s chest, the idol could be seen with the left foot lodged firmly in his food pipe. The surgeons were able to remove the idol surgically.  Post-operation, the 45-year-old was released from the hospital.

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